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Welcome Come to Autoinfortech Ltd. Today:

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Autoinfortech Ltd (AIT) is a leading provider of equipment, components and service for Automation, Fiber Optic Communication, Thermometer and Laser industry. Located in the beautiful coastal city – Zhuhai, the company’s key management and engineering team members are all experts dedicated in Automation, Optoelectronics, and Software for many years.
  • Company:Autoinfortech Ltd.
  • Tel:+86-756-8980-228
  • Email:info@autoinfortech.com
  • Address:Floor 3 Building 2, No. 601 Huayu RD,Zhuhai City,Guangdong Province, P.R. China
  • Skype:sunlightlaser
Automatic High Speed COB Coupling Machine
Wireless Test Station
1 × N rack-mounted optical switch can be manually selected from front panel or control via RS232 port, Ethernet port.
AIT-PVCS-001 is a set of optical power meter, optical attenuator, voltage meter and constant voltage power supply in a optical multimeter meter, set high, precision, pointed in one, in the same product with a high cost。
The fiber curing oven for engineering has excellent performance comparing to the command of fiber curing process. A variety of connector can be cured fin the fiber curing oven. The fiber curing oven can be used in the house or field operations. The produc
Polishing Machine
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Tel:+86-756-8980-228 +86-756-8980-228 Email:info@autoinfortech.com
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Address:Floor 3 Building 2, No. 601 Huayu RD,Zhuhai City,Guangdong Province, P.R. China
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